Supplements for Dogs: The Most Effective and When To Use Them

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Almost 70% of adults in the United States, take some form of multivitamin or nutrition supplement daily, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Us hoomans understand the importance of filling the gaps in our nutrition.

The same should go for our furry friends.

It’s our job as pet parents to make sure that our pups are getting all of the proper vitamins and nutrients they need, especially when they are showing certain signs and symptoms of common issues.

Dog vitamins and supplements are becoming increasingly popular among dog parents and pet owners, so much so, that this market has grown. Dog vitamins and supplements are a great way to make sure your dog lives a healthy and comfortable life for as long as possible.

Confused on which natural dog supplements are the best for your dog? Unsure about what each vitamin or supplement does? We’ve broken them down to the bone in this guide.

First, let's start with some FAQ's.

Why does my dog need supplements? I give them organic, healthy and homemade food.

Even if their food is homemade, dogs may not have access to all the vital nutrients they need depending on their age, health issues, breed, etc. This is where natural dog supplements step in.

Dog vitamins and supplements are great for:

  • preventive care and

  • improved wellness

  • supplementing unbalanced meals

The truth is, majority of pups aren’t given a proper balanced diet...

Sometimes we just don’t have the time, are uneducated, or just can’t keep up with the time and money it takes to provide the best for our dogs. Plus, most of us can’t even pronounce what’s in most of our dog food anyway. It's a ruff industry.

As a dog owner, you may be extremely conscious about the pet kibble or dog food you give your dog, but as organic as these may be, they can still lack the optimum amount of nutrients and vitamins your dog may need as it grows older. As dogs cross different ages, they may be prone to specific health issues that a meal may not be able to provide.

We believe that supplementing pups with the power of nature can help dogs live a healthy and balanced life.

Today, even the best nutritionists recommend natural dog vitamins and supplements, especially for dog owners who don’t have the time to completely look into their dog’s dietary needs and requirements.

How do dog nutrition supplements help?

Dog nutrition supplements are commonly given to dogs that eat homemade or raw meals, as not all homemade meals contain the optimum amount of nutrients. Your dog requires a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients along with its daily diet to boost its immune system and protect it from diseases and deteriorating health.

They also help combat problems, issues and diseases that our pups commonly face throughout their lives.

However, beware - too many vitamins and nutrients aren’t good for dogs or hoomans. Given in extreme amounts, they can end up causing more harm than good.

Here are 5 common dog vitamins and supplements

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3's have so many benefits. They help to improve skin and coat health, heart and kidney health, brain function and development, and support immune health along with other benefits.

A dog’s body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids on its own, thus making it an essential supplement for optimal health. Omega-3's are in all of our BetterPup supplements.

They are also a natural anti-inflammatory.

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Anti-inflammatory dog vitamins and supplements are essential for dogs simply because they help to reduce stiffness and swelling. Some dogs can have terrible joint and mobility issues due to this. Some even have bone problems which stop them from being completely agile or giving them proper bone strength to move around effortlessly. Thus, anti-inflammatory dog vitamins and supplements step in to control the inflammation and pain caused.

There are numerous foods that are safe for dogs that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Blueberries and turmeric, for example, are anti-inflammatory and are included in our BetterPup products.


Probiotics improve digestive and gastrointestinal health. Dog nutrition supplements that contain probiotics allow easier regulation of bacteria inside a dog’s digestive system, thus helping to break down food for better absorption. Probiotics also help to reduce sicknesses in dogs caused by bacteria like E.coli.

If your dog has poor quality of stools, then consider giving them probiotics. They are also great for dogs that suffer from inflammation in the intestines or for dogs that may have urinary tract infections.

Too many probiotics can lead to stomach issues and cause diarrhea. Always check the expiration date before using or buying in stores.

Kefir is a great natural source of probiotics. We give it to Lido weekly! It contains a host of vitamins and minerals and is a great anti-fungal.

Check out our TikTok video about all of the benefits of Kefir for your pup!


Substances that help in inhibiting oxidation are termed antioxidants and your dog needs them because they help destroy free radicals and removing them from their bodies. Free radicals in a dog’s body can cause health issues ranging from respiratory problems, eyesight issues and skin allergies to even cancer, heart problems and arthritis in their bones and joints.

Day in and out, dogs are exposed to grass or dirt when they are playing outside, which can contain harmful chemicals. They are constantly licking and biting things on household surfaces, which could also contain harmful chemicals such as cleaning supplies, environmental toxins etc. All these toxins entering a dog’s body on a daily basis are inevitable, thus you consuming antioxidants are important.

  • Antioxidants for puppies - Puppies require a mix of vitamins E, C, selenium and beta carotene for overall support and reducing risk of disease. Since their bodies are new to adjusting to toxins and harmful germs, they require these supplements more than any other aged dogs.

  • Antioxidants for adult dogs - Vitamins E, C and polyphenols are great forms of antioxidants for adult dogs. These help in restoring muscular function as well as take care of inflammation and bone diseases.

  • Antioxidants for senior dogs - Senior dogs need a stronger boost to their immune system and can benefit greatly from a mix of vitamins E, C, beta carotene and polyphenols. This mix enables them to be well protected against organ risk and diseases as their body begins to wear out.

Hip & Joint

Depending on the breed of your dog, you should give your dog vitamins and supplements which will improve their hip and joint mobility and muscular functions. As dogs grow, they can suffer from hip and joint issues, bone problems and thus it becomes important to include hip and joint supplements as part of their daily diet to repair any cartilage or act as anti-inflammatories.

Glucosamine is a great hip and joint supplement for dogs that can be administered externally in the form of dog supplement bars or if found in dog nutrition supplements. While glucosamine is present naturally in the cartilage between joints, this begins to wear away for many dogs as they age. This causes dogs a lot of joint, hip and muscular pain, and reduces their mobility abilities. Some dogs may also undergo surgery after having their joints or hips injured - in such cases, giving them sources of glucosamine externally can help build up the cushioning in their joints.

We use glucosamine from Green Lipped Mussels in our BetterJoints supplement recipe.

What are dog supplement bars?

Dog supplement bars are like meal replacements for dogs - much like human protein bars, these offer nutrients and vitamins for dogs, depending on their age and health. Dog supplement bars have proven to provide dogs with better agility, strength and mobility, offering them the required amount of proteins.

Personally, we prefer feeding our pup real and whole foods, but these have become popular over the years.

The best natural dog supplements

At BetterPup, we’re proud to make supplements that are powered by superfoods, antioxidants and real ingredients that have proven to work wonders for many dogs around the world.

Our chews are created with minimal heat, leaving the nutrients potent and powerful for your pup.

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Let's do better for our pups.