Natural Foods That Help Ease Joint Pain & Stiffness in Dogs

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Dog’s are typically fur-balls of energy. But with age, their enthusiasm levels start getting held hostage due to stiff joints and they begin to limp. Many medications are available to help our four-legged friends alleviate the suffering of these age-related problems. But rather than going for tablets and capsules, it is best to try natural food-based alternatives.

We’ve rounded up a list of excellent natural dog remedies, from the power of food, to help ease joint stiffness and pain in dogs. In addition, we’ve listed the specific benefits of our BetterPup hip and joint supplements for dogs, which are powered by superfoods and antioxidants.

These food-based remedies are easy to prepare and work effectively to strengthen their joints and bones.

They are also pawfect for preventative care :)

Turmeric - As shown by experiments in humans and other animals, Turmeric has proven to be a great pain reliever. It’s immensely helpful in relieving joint pain and helping arthritis in dogs. Turmeric has an active ingredient called Curcumin; this compound helps in reducing inflammation and strengthening joints. Curcumin is also said to be helpful in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Make sure it’s high-grade turmeric. Unfortunately, there are companies that sell turmeric that is mixed with other ingredients and artificially colored. It is best to go for organic or healthy food grade turmeric for preparing the below recipe.

Ingredients needed for preparing a turmeric-based paste for your dog:
½ cup whole food grade Turmeric powder
1-1.5 cups of water
2-3 teaspoons of grounded black pepper
½ cup of organic coconut oil

This is the perfect at home dog joint pain supplement that’s fairly simple. Just follow these steps:

1) Boil the turmeric powder in a saucepan with water. Keep adding more water to maintain the consistency of the paste.

2) Remove the pan from the stove, and allow it to cool down.

3) Add ground black pepper and coconut oil and mix it thoroughly.

4) Add about ¼ teaspoon of this mixture to your dog's daily diet, 2 times a day.

5) If you have a fairly large dog, then increase the dose to ½ teaspoon added twice a day to their food. And, if the pain persists, you can further increase the amount to 1 teaspoon of this paste added 2-3 times to your dog's food.

Ginger - Ginger root is also proven to ease arthritis symptoms in dogs. As with Turmeric, purchasing the actual ginger root itself is best. Ginger can also lower blood sugar and blood pressure.

Just remove the skin and chop the ginger root into small pieces. Since the ginger flavor is very strong, you can either start with a small quantity of ginger root added to the dog food or treats.

The recommended portions for adding to your dog's food are:

- Add 1/8 teaspoon for small and miniature bod breeds.

- Add 1/4 teaspoon for medium dogs 10-35 pounds

- Add 1/2 teaspoon for large dogs

- Add 3/4 teaspoon for giant breeds

Please note, ginger is not recommended for dogs with diabetes and heart diseases since it can thing the blood. Also consult with your vet if your dog is pregnant, on any medications or is being treated for a condition.

Blueberries - Blueberries are loaded with the magical properties of anthocyanin. This active ingredient can help in fighting inflammation and help keep the joints healthy. NOTE: Fruits should be given in moderation.

Yucca - One of the tremendous natural dog remedies, Yucca, has proven to be an effective pain reliever and helps fight inflammation. Yucca roots can be added to your dog's food, or can be powdered and mixed with dog food.

NOTE: Please take precautions when feeding Yucca roots to your dog. It should only be fed once or twice a week because it is known to irritate the stomach lining when fed in large quantities.


Found naturally in the cartilage and muscles of dogs, glucosamine helps protect the joints and slow the rate of cartilage degeneration. It helps in maintaining the consistency of synovial fluids and keeping the joints healthy, which can be very beneficial in both preventing and managing arthritis.

As age progresses, Glucosamine production in the dog's body starts getting reduced. Because of this, the dog's cartilage health deteriorates, synovial fluid starts getting dried in the joints and results in a decrease of lubrication in the joints.

Using natural dog supplements, such as BetterJoints, for preventive measures or current care is a great idea if you don't want to do anything DIY.

On average, a healthy dog will need at least 500mg of glucosamine per day for 25 pounds of body weight. Our BetterJoint supplements, unlike other brands, have a high dosage of glucosamine from natural sources.

Here is a list of food items that are natural sources of glucosamine:

Trachea meat- The trachea of lambs, cows, goats, and ostriches are naturally made of cartilage. This can be easily sourced from your neighborhood meat shop and fed to dogs. Though the raw trachea is yummy for most dogs, you can also purchase it dried and give as a chunky treat.

Chicken feet- Most poultry bird feet are rich in glucosamine. So, to make your dog's food nutrient-rich and to aid in joint health, feed them chicken, duck, turkey or goose feet. Again, you can serve these raw or semi-boiled. Don't worry about toenails; dogs have strong digestion to absorb these keratin-rich parts.

*** Yes - some of these options are a bit nasty. That’s why we created BetterJoints. :)

Shellfish shells- If you are hosting a seafood barbecue and plan to cook crab, oyster, lobster, clams, scallops, and mussels, you can use the discarded shells to make a nutritious dog joint pain supplement. You can make a thick broth by boiling the shells. This can be added to their dog food.

Natural Eggshell Membrane - The thin covering on eggs is a great natural dog supplement for dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis. The suggested quantity of natural eggshell membrane is about 60 mg for 10 pounds of body weight.

NOTE: This is not recommended for puppies

The above are some of the most popular and natural dog remedies for boosting dogs’ joint and bone health.

If you wish to give your dog the best natural cure, we've created a superfood supplement with the healing power of blueberries, turmeric, Glucosamine, Kale, Salmon Oil, and Devil’s Claw. Shop BetterJoints here.

With natural dog supplements from BetterPup, you can help your dog by easing joint stiffness and preventing joint and hip issues from occurring. You can also enhance your dog’s flexibility and strength so that they can live and happier and healthier life.

We’re proud to have created the best dog hip and joint supplements by harnessing the power of nature.

*Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor.*