5 Must-Haves For Dog Parents

I seriously can't believe that I lived without majority of these products for so long...

But, hey. It's better late than never, right?

Here are 5 products that I truly believe are essential for every dog parents to own. Besides the "typical" necessities, of course.

  1. Peswety Snuffle Matt

Did you know that snuffle mats are a form of dog enrichment? They help train your dog's sense of smell, burn off your dog's energy and can help them lose weight. It gives your dog something to do and prevents them from getting bored and then engaging in destructive behavior.

How does it work? Hide in some of their favorite treats throughout the mat. And then let them sniff them out.

They say that 10 minutes of Sniffle training = about 1 hour of outdoor running!

2. All Natural Dog Wipes

These are a HOUSE SAVER. I use them every time I get home from the dog park because Lido's feet end up getting so dirty. I also use them to clean his ears :)

I found my extra large bucket at TJMaxx for only $8!

3. CBD Chews by pawTree

I am not going to lie, I wasn't really aware of the benefits of CBD for your pup until recently. Not only can it help with anxiety from car rides or separation, but it has a whole lot of other benefits for their body. Calming, mobility, seasonal allergies, and more!

This blend specifically from pawTree also contains Passion Flower, Ginger Root, and Valerian Root, which help keep your pup calm and relaxed.

Key Benefits:

Promotes Calming Due to Anxiety

Aids with Occasional Aches & Discomfort

Supports Normal, Healthy Joint Function and Mobility

Helps to Support the Immune System

Helps to Support Cognitive Function

Supports Digestive Tract Health

Supports Pets with Seasonal Allergies

Maintains a Healthy Skin & Coat

Promotes Overall Vitality

Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists

I truly believe this is an essential supplement to have on deck because anxiety can cause a lot of harm to your pup as well as to their environment.

4. Dog Seat Cover (Any on Amazon)

Ok... This has SERIOUSLY saved my car. I have a light-colored leather (don't ask why......) and it gets so dirty so fast.

And Lido gets SO dirty after the dog park. So, this is a must have. You can select any that work best for you from Amazon.

5. Dog Organization

This may come as a surprise to some, but I swear to you that this has really helped me save time.

Whenever I quickly need to find his vet records, grooming necessities, or meds, I know EXACTLY where to find them... One less thing for me to think or worry about.

You can honestly use any organizational container for this, but I am linking out some I think are cute:)