We believe dogs &

humans are equal.

Your dog's health and wellness is a priority.


That's why we created BetterPup - to solve real problems our dogs experience or will potentially experience as they grow old.  

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Superfoods & Antioxidants are essential for dogs too. 

We harness the power of nature to create delicious treats that supplement common issues in dogs.

The truth is, most of the effective nutrients, omegas and antioxidants are cooked out of popular dog food. This means that the majority of dogs aren't even getting the essential nutrients they need, which in return, causes issues with their joints, skin problems, allergies, and more

That's why we use no heat when creating our chews and harness the power of nature.

A message from Lido,

our Chief Tasting Officer:

Dear Fellow Doggos,

You deserves to feel like superdoggo.


You deserves to eattens more shoes, enjoy more tweets, lick your hoomans face uncontrollably, try to catch that doggons shadow monster that keeps gettens away, and to receive more bellies and tummies rubs from hooman. All without the uncomforts and issues that comes along with being the cuttest animal earth has seen - a doggo! 

My pawrents tell me that doggies help hoomans be happy by giving them all of the crazy loves, kisses, and snuggles (shh, don't tell them we only does it for tweets)

And in returns, hooman should be prioritizing our health and wellness, preventing common issues from getting us, and helping us feel and look our absolute bests!

So now, we created BetterPup! So we can finally enjoy chews that taste delicious AND help us feel amazing and stay healthy so we can do more of what we loves :) 

Can't waits for you to join our pack,




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First day Lido was brought home!

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Carina Musolino

& Brendan Rogers

"After building the largest dog walking company in the world and talking to thousands of pet parents, it became apparent that there is a massive gap when it comes to dog's wellness, how we understand it, and the solutions available..."