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Create the healthiest life possible for your dog through nutrition.

Take back control of your dogs health and wellness so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the precious moments you have left with them. 

Finally feel trust and confidence in what you’re feeding your fur-baby through homemade dog food.

It may be the most effective way to fit fresh dog food into your budget.

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Homemade dog food is the best way to create a nutritionally abundant life for your dog... 

Learn everything you need to know about making balanced homemade recipes

Use our recipes, shopping lists, guides and resources so you can plan and meal prep - yes, it's possible!

Receive that nutritional support you need along your journey

Start building a healthier life for your pup through our expert of the month events

Become a more confident pet parent knowing that you're giving your dog the absolute best


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Let's dig into what's inside...




Homemade meals MUST be formulated by a professional, otherwise, you can do more harm than good!

This program promotes nutritional variety through pre-planned food rotation and recipe tweaks every 30 days. 

Recipes are formulated according to AFFCO and/or NRC standards. Learn more here. 



Get direct access to nutritional support - we're here to support you every step of the way!

Group Office Hours: Join our group office hours to learn from others and meet with the team over a video call. 

Homemade meals should be full of love and not worry, and that's what we're here to help with.

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Each month you'll get access to workshops from real vets and experts in the space. 

This month's seminar is all about common Skin & Coat issues that many dog's face! Featuring our very own Head of Canine Nutrition, Margaret Barnes. 

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Life's "ruff" sometimes, and we get busy. We're here to help keep you accountable.


Just like a gym keeps you accountable for your fitness, the HPC keeps you accountable for your dog's nutrition. 

We know it may not be realistic to prepare 30 days of fresh meals a month. But something is better than nothing, and we are here to help you do that. 

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There is nothing more powerful than community, especially when it comes to having a dog. 

Want to know the best places to get bulk meat? Ask the community. Need some major dog anxiety tips like yesterday? Ask the pack.

Whether you're looking for tips, guidance or advice, the community has your back. 

psttt - we're all pretty dog obsessed. So it's safe to say we all know a thing or two about what's worked for us and what hasn't. 

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aka your pack

More wags
and twirls at mealtime

Dogs. LOVE. Real. Fresh. Food. 

Seeing how excited they'll be for their fresh meal will make your labor of love worth it. 

WARNING: Dogs may get literally obsessed with their food causing an increase in begging, barking and twirling.

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Getting started with your first recipe

in as easy as 1, 2 , 3!

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Why you can no longer afford

NOT TO make your dog's own food

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- Fresh food delivery companies are MORE expensive than DIY

- Even providing only 10-15 fresh food meals per month can promote nutritional abundance. 

- Feeding fresh decreases the amount of chemicals, synthetics, preservaties and toxins that your dog consumes over their life

- Homemade meals ensures that you know EXACTLY what's going into their food

- Dog's actually don't like eating the same thing every single day. 

What pack members are saying

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"Making homemade meals is SO WORTH IT because I can tell my dogs health has improved and they have more energy."

Kristen H. & her 3 fur-babies

Image by Cynthia Smith

The HealthyPup Club keeps me accountable. It's easy to just put off making fresh meals, but being apart of this community has kept us on track. 

I am also getting the hang of it! The tips on how to work with your local butcher were a life saver. 

Thanks HPC :)

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Carina! He LOVED it! I was so happy to see him eating homemade food! It’s scary when you feed them just kibble and all I can do is just pray that there truly is something in there that is beneficial. But with fresh food supplementing I’m CONFIDENT that there are things in there that are beneficial! :)

Can I just add that it gave him more energy as well!

What's the investment?

The #1 mistake people make when making homemade dog food is that they use recipes that are not balanced by a professional nutritionist. Which can lead to major deficiencies. 


Or worse…


They just throw food together on their own, which can cause even WORSE health issues to occur since essential nutrients, such as calcium, is often overlooked. 



So you could just pay a nutritionist to make a recipe for you. Which costs on average $100 USD per recipe, and around $500 per year to account for food rotation recipe changes. 


The costs can adds up... 


Or, you can join The HealthyPup Club for a low monthly payment of $14.99/month to receive numerous nutritionist formulated recipes, nutritionist support, and everything else we mentioned previously.




Early Bird Discount

As a member, you'll get access to:

- New balanced recipes each month

(usually $100+ EACH with an outside nutritionist)

- A new targeted nutritional focus each month.

Ex: digestion, skin & coat, liver, etc.

- Access to nutritionist office hours and support

(usually $100+ PER HOUR with an outside nutritionist)

- Access to monthly workshops from experts in the dog space. Vets, herbalists, nutritionist, and more!

(usually $150+ PER TICKET for each workshop)

- Exclusive resources and informative guides

- Access to our private community of dog parents 

- 25% OFF all BetterPup Products

- Accountability to feed fresh! 

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* joining will lock in your early bird price for life*

Our guarentee

We understand that some dogs are picky and that it’s hard to formulate a diet that will work for EVERY single dog. If you happen to have a dog that doesn’t like their meal we are happy to issue a refund. Simply send a video of your picky pup not eating their food, and we will happily issue and refund. Simply email carina@betterpup.co .

Cancel your membership worry-free at anytime.

Members that sign up by November 15th will receive these bonuses

How to Make an

Optimal Meal Topper

We'll help you incorporate fresh foods on top of their kibble for those weeks that you just don't have the time for homemade cookin'.

($150 Value)

This will come for free with your membership.

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How to Choose a

Commercial Kibble

We know fresh food is best, but even if you only feed kibble 15 days out of the month, it's essential that you're getting one that's *better*.

($80 Value)

This will come for free with your membership.

Meet the pack leaders

Hi, I'm Carina! I am a founding team member of Wag!, the largest dog service platform in the US.

In 2020, I finally got a dog of my own and began immersing myself in everything dog nutrition and wellness. 

After sharing my research on TikTok and growing a dedicated community of 230K pet parents, it became apparent that there needed to be a more affordable and accessible way to learn how to make homemade dog food in order to build a nutritionally abundant life for our dogs.

So, I decided to create the first community that is helping hundreds of pet parents do exactly that :) 

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Hi, I'm Margaret! Head of Canine Nutrition here at BetterPup. 

I have experience in herbalism, nutritional therapy and naturopathy; specializing in formulating diets for dogs with chronic dis-ease.

Naturopathy and optimal nutrition have remarkable results. Why? We are made of food - proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of life. We are literally what we eat!

Recently, I was able to extend the life of my pug, who I was told by the vet was on her last days, by 5 years due to my therapeutic diet and treatments. 

No, this program is NOT for dogs with disease. If your dog is struggling with health issues, schedule a free consultation with me here to see how I can help. 

This membership is NOT for:

- Dogs under 12 months old (coming soon!)

- Dogs with specific health conditions that require personalized recipes or guidance. Schedule a 15-minute free consultation with our Heath of Canine nutrition to see if nutrition therapy is right for your dog.

Why should you make homemade food for your dog?

It's cheaper than buying pre-made real dog food 

You save time and money on future vet visits giving them the nutrients they need 

It's healthier. Did we mention that?

It's an opportunity to bond with your dog. Seriously. We get so excited to make our pup pretty meals :) 

Dog Lover

"It feels so good preparing food for my dog that he LOVES.

But it feels even better knowing it's the best."


Studies have shown that eating real food helps promote overall health and wellness in dogs. However, our membership does not promise to cure any disease, cancer or physical illness and any other health condition. All recipes are to be given at the risk of the pet parent and we always encourage our community to seek veterinary advice in the case any concern may arise. We do not aim to take the place of any licensed vet.