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Create a nutritionally abundant life for your dog

An easy and affordable way to feed your dog a real food diet. 

Finally feel confident that you're feeding your dog exactly what they need, without the confusion and frustration.

Feeding nutrient dense meals is the best way to support health and longevity in your dog.

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- Learn which nutrients your dog *actually* needs

- Easily start incorporating real food meals with our step by step guides, grocery lists and tools, 

- Spend more time enjoying the precious moments with your dog instead of feeling frustrated and worried about what to feed them

The BetterPup Process

Our process makes it easy, efficient and affordable to provide real food meals for your dog.

1. Nutritional


Learn your dog's nutritional needs.

It shouldn't be frustrating and confusing when trying to understand what food is the best for our dog. 

2. Grocery


Know exactly what to buy.

Receive a pre-planned grocery list for the month ahead. Our nutritionist create 100% balanced recipes and grocery lists to go along with them.  

3. Prepping

Prep for the week. Or the month. You decide.

It's up to you how many real food meals you want to feed your dog for that month. With our tools, prepping will become so easy and streamlined. 

4. Nutritional


Drop in to our nutritionist's office hours. 

Our team will help you with food transitions, will answer any questions and provide guidance. We are here to support you. Think of us like a nutritionist in your pocket :)

5. Repeat

Dog's don't like eating the same meal every. single. day.

Each month, we include different fruits and veggies into your balanced recipes. This ensures that your dog is getting a variety of nutrients. And each month, you'll have access to office hours with a nutritionist. 

We have recipes for puppies, adults, and seniors. 

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Why you can no longer afford NOT TO make your dog's own food

- Buying premium brands is often times MORE expensive than DIY

- Feeding a processed kibble diet every single day increases the chances of obesity and disease. 

- Dog's actually don't like eating the same thing every single day. 

- A real food diet is know to improve skin, coat, energy, allergies, mobility, digestion, immunity and more. 

Our pack members get access to...

A canine nutritionist in your pocket

Get unlimited access to our team of nutritionists by joining their office hours.

This is the perfect chance to talk about progress or get advice on certain concerns.

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Puppy at the Vet

LIVE Workshops from dog experts

Each month you'll get access to workshops from real vets and experts in the space. 

Some upcoming events include, "The Importance of A Healthy Gut", "Herbalism for Dogs", "Understanding Allergies" and more...  

Step-by step recipes, grocery lists, and guides. 

Our process makes it so easy and affordable to feed real food meals to your furry friend. 

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Private community access

aka your pack

There is nothing more powerful than community, especially when it comes to having a dog. 

Want to know the best places to get bulk meat? Ask the community. Need some major dog anxiety tips like yesterday? Ask the pack.

Whether you're looking for tips, guidance or advice, the community has your back. 

psttt - we're all pretty dog obsessed. So it's safe to say we all know a thing or two about what's worked for us and what hasn't. 

What's the investment?





As a member, you'll get access to:

- New balanced recipes each month

(usually $80+ EACH with an outside nutritionist)

- Unlimited access to nutritionist office hours

(usually $100+ PER HOUR with an outside nutritionist)

- Access to monthly workshops from experts in the dog space. Vets, herbalists, and more!

(usually $150+ PER TICKET for each workshop)

- An Invitation to our private community of dog parents 

- 30% OFF all BetterPup Products

- Exclusive discounts to our partner brands

Cancel anytime

We know that our program changes dog's lives. 

However, if for some reason you feel it's not for you, you can cancel anytime. 

BONUS for founding members

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The Ultimutt Backup Plan Guide

For those weeks where everything is falling behind.

($50 Value)

This will come for free with your membership.

Our expert team is now your pack

Work with our team of vetted and educated nutritionists in the field of animals sciences. 

Hi, I'm Carina! I am a founding team member of Wag!, the largest dog service platform in the US.

In 2020, I finally got a dog of my own and began immersing myself in everything dog nutrition and wellness. 

After sharing my research on TikTok and growing a dedicated community of 220K pet parents, it became apparent that there needed to be a more affordable and accessible way to learn how to make homemade dog food and provide a holistic lifestyle for your pup. 

So, I decided to create the first community that is helping hundreds of pet parents do exactly that :) 

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Why should you make homemade food for your dog?

It's cheaper than buying pre-made real dog food 

You save time and money on future vet visits giving them the nutrients they need 

It's healthier. Did we mention that?

It's an opportunity to bond with your dog. Seriously. We get so excited to make our pup pretty meals :) 

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need different recipes each month

Great question! We believe it's healthy to incorporate different types of fruits and veggies into your dog's diet. Plus, our dog's do get tired of eating the same thing day after day... wouldn't you? We don't recommend changing up the protien every month, however; studies have shown that doing this creates a healthier and stronger gut. With our guidance, you can learn to do this too.

Who creates the recipes?

We have a team of educated nutritionists that will make balanced recipes each month. You'll learn how to determine exactly how much your dog needs depending on their weight, age and activity. Our goal is to empower and educate you.

Do I have to talk to a nutritionists?

Not at all. Our group calls are a chance for you to learn or ask any questions that you have. Please note that these calls are not for the nutritionist to create completely new personalized recipes.

What if my dog has a specific disease or health condition?

You do have the opportunity to privately connect with our nutritionists at an incredibly discounted price. Typically, the cost to meet with a nutritionist and get a personlized plan outside of BetterPup is $100-$150. This is the market rate. We are here to make this more affordable.

Can I cancel anytime?


What if I don't have enough time?

That's the power of meal-prepping! We will also give you suggestions of what brands to buy as "backup" for when you go on trips, vacations or just simply run out and forget to make more. It happens.

Dog Lover

"It feels so good preparing food for my dog that he LOVES.

But it feels even better knowing it's the best."


Studies have shown that eating real food helps promote overall health and wellness in dogs. However, our membership does not promise to cure any disease, cancer or physical illness and any other health condition. All recipes are to be given at the risk of the pet parent and we always encourage our community to seek veterinary advice in the case any concern may arise. We do not aim to take the place of any licensed vet.