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How To Make
An Optimal 
Meal Topper

For anyone who wants to create a healthier life for their pup through nutrition. And who wants to give their dog superpowers. Jk!

It's no secret that dogs need real fresh nutrients. 

Adding fresh foods on top of your dog's usual meal is a great start towards promoting nutritional abundance. 

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How to Choose a 

Commercial Kibble

Choosing a healthy kibble for your pup is * ruff *... 

Join our free program to learn what ingredients to look for and which to to avoid when shopping for your next bag of dog food. 

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Homemade Meal Plan

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Your dog's wellness starts from within.


Real nutrients promote a thriving dog, not just a surviving dog.


This is a one-of-a-kind dog nutrition meal plan that was specifically designed to make homemade dog food available to all.


Receive nutritionist support, balanced recipes, expert events, and more.

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Meet our Head of Canine Nutrition.

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Margaret Barnes

Margaret is an animal wellness advisor and qualified Nutritional Therapist.

She has 22 years experience in herbalism, nutritional therapy and naturopathy; specializing in dogs with chronic dis-ease.

Margaret formulates her pawsome dinners to the NRC guidelines during this exciting paradigm in canine nutrition which currently lacks regulation.

Have a pup with disease, illness or health concerns?

Margaret offers therapeutic diets with naturopathic and herbal support for: allergies, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, digestive disorders (IBS/IBD), heart disease, immune disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatic disorders, skin complaints, thyroid issues, urinary issues, weight management, and many more! 

Sadly, Nutritional Therapy is often a last resort for clients. Their pet may have been on a roundabout of medications without improvement or their vet can do no more.

In some cases, owners wish to opt for quality of life or take a more natural approach.
Our treatments definitely improve quality of life, reduce symptoms and in many cases, gain extra life against a terminal prognosis.


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Margaret offers alternative strategies, working closely with veterinary guidance to make sure that your dog receives the best care and combined knowledge possible. 

Sound too good to be true? Well,
Margaret was able to expand the life of her baby PugBeast by 5 years through her Nutritional Therapy, even though he was diagnosed with terminal cancer with only months left to live, according to the vets. 

Want to learn more about how Margaret can help you pup?

Schedule a FREE 15 minute initial call below.

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